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Connecting your accounting system to Mynt is important to be able to use Mynt in an optimal way. You need to be an admin and have all permissions both in Mynt but also in your accounting system. Without all permissions for the user and company you are trying to perform the connection for - the integration attempt will fail.

We have direct integration to several accounting systems (Fortnox/Björn Lunden/PE/Visma).

Should we not have an integration to your accounting yet, it is possible to use CSV or SIE download. You can download the posted and clear transactions to CSV or SIE files, which you then upload to your accounting system. Please check beforehand that your particular accounting system can handle these files.

Select your accounts

Go to "Accounting Settings" and select your accounting system.

If you choose to connect to Fortnox or Visma eAccounting, your chart of accounts will be automatically uploaded when the connection is complete.

Select the accounts you want to use from your chart of accounts

Define your categories

If you go to "Categories", you will see a number of already predefined categories. If you click on the categories, you can change them to suit your needs. You can also create new ones by clicking on "Add category". At category level you can choose:

  • Account number

  • VAT rate

  • Name

  • Financial dimensions

  • Reverse VAT rate

  • Participants

  • Icon

Should the connection fail, please chat/email us at or call us on 010-198 0300 for further help.

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