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Add money to start trading with your Mynt cards. We offer three different solutions and here we show you how to get started with them.

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Adding money to your account is essential to get started with your Mynt cards.

At Mynt, you can top up with money in three ways:

  • Add money via bank transfer

  • Connect direct debit - the amount is automatically transferred from your account

  • Shop first pay later - 30 days credit

How to add money to your account

Log in to your Mynt account and click on "Account" in the side menu.

Here you will get an overview of the company's account. When you visit the site for the first time, the graphs will be blank but will be activated as soon as you have filled up with money and start using the card.

To top up with money: click on "Add money".

Then choose whether you want to make a payment via Bankgiro, or a one-time payment via Direct debit. You can also set up auto-refill or apply for credit if that hasn't been done for your company already.

Here you can easily follow the account balance. To do this, click on "Show account settings" and select the period you want to see.

You are ready to get started. If you have not already done it, it's time to connect the accounting system. Once you have done that, you can easily track the company's purchases in real time and the purchases are ready to get booked.

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