As long as you don't add an attestant, all purchases will be automatically approved.

To activate attestation, go to Teams & Cards ---> Teams ---> Create team.
You choose who will be part of the team and choose the attestant in the box to the right.

When an expense approver is assigned to a team, the expense approver will see the team's submitted transactions and be able to approve or decline them under Expense Review in the menu.

The expense approver can mark a transaction from the list as Approved or Rejected. If Approved the transaction will be ready for export. If a transaction is marked as Reject the transaction is sent back to that member. That member then has to take the action needed for that transaction and submit it again.

Why am I unable to reject an expense?

A category needs to be selected to reject a transaction.

How do I keep track of the spending?

The analytics tool can be used to keep track of the spend on your team cards. The tool is available only to admin users. You can find it on the dashboard menu when you log in on the Mynt website.

How do I see who made a transaction?

Admin logs into the web environment at

Go to "All Transactions" to see all transactions made and who made the transaction.

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