To activate your card, open your Mynt app, go to "card" and "activate card" - scan the QR code on the card.

If your phone can not scan the QR code, click "activate card" and enter the token-code found on the back of the card. Or, go to --> "my cards", select the card you want to activate and press "activate card" and enter your token.

Pin code

You can find your PIN code in the app under My cards--->Card settings--->Show pin.

Making a purchase

Making your first purchase with the card, you need to insert the card into the reader and enter your pin code.

For the remaining purchases, you can choose between blip or insert the card and enter your PIN as you would with a regular credit card. The card sends a signal to the Mynt app and you get a notification asking you to take a picture of the receipt to complete your purchase. Then, fill in the category and VAT for your purchase and "send" - done!

Virtual card

The Virtual card only works online and has no PIN code. Perfect for subscriptions!

You use the card information numbers to make a purchase with the virtual card.
You find card info under "card settings". Bank ID can be requested for verification of purchase.

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