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Export problem - Fortnox, financial agencies
Export problem - Fortnox, financial agencies

Troubleshooting for accounting agencies

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The integration is made by your consultant user in Fortnox

Are you an agency having problems exporting your client's transactions into Fortnox? If you receive error messages indicating that something is missing in the integration such as "Lack of authorization to post verifications", then it is probably because you performed the integration from the wrong Fortnox account.

It may be that you have a consultant user who has access to bookkeeping and invoicing, among other things, and also a separate "regular" user to be able to have the Receipt and Travel program. You will therefore be forced to have 2 different login details in Fortnox.

If you have more than one login to Fortnox, you need to ensure that the integration to Mynt is made from the user with the Digital Byrå license in Fortnox.

Digital Agency is a license in Fortnox giving you the option to list all your agency-customers to easily click on each client to access and handle their accounting. In such an agency account with Fortnox, bookkeeping, invoicing, order & quote and plant register are included.

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