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Auto top-up best practices

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To make sure that you never run out of money on the card, and at the same time avoid having to continuously make individual deposits to the account, the solution is to activate our Auto top-up.

Admin log in to --> go to account ---> settings ---> auto top up.

The image below shows an example of the company's account view where you can see what is available to spend right now.

  1. Start by determining the minimum acceptable value for "Available to spend".

  2. Specify the amount you want to top up with when you reach that value. It is recommended to set this amount for one week's expected expenditure.

  3. When the balance reaches your set rule for the minimum available to spend, the account is automatically topped up with the amount you set, via direct debit. See picture below.

Worth keeping in mind:

  • The top-up is triggered on "Available to spend", which includes reserved amounts, in the account.

  • There may be a delay if you pass the rule on a weekend.

  • If you top up manually, the auto-replenishment is temporarily paused.

  • These limits can always be changed afterwards.

  • If the last top up was not high enough to reach your minimum acceptable value for "Available to spend", we will continue to top up the account until your rule is reached.

  • Top-up also works well in combination with an existing credit limit. It works so that you, for example, have 50k in credit limit and wish to top up with 50k when you have 10k left to spend. Then you set the limit as shown below.

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