This is how auto top-up works

Auto top-up best practices

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This is how auto top-up works

To make sure that you never run out of money on the card, and at the same time avoid having to continuously make individual deposits to the account, the solution is to activate our Auto top-up.

Admin log in to --> go to account ---> settings ---> auto top up.

  1. Start by determining the minimum balance you feel comfortable having in the account.

  2. Enter the amount you want to top up with when you have reached the minimum balance. Here you should enter an amount of at least half of the minimum balance to ensure that the automatic top-up is triggered.

  3. When the balance reaches this minimum balance, the account is automatically topped up with the amount you entered, via direct debit. See picture below.

Worth bearing in mind

  • The top-up is triggered on the balance on the account, and not on the available amount.

  • The top-up also works well in combination with an existing credit limit. Then the top-up is instead triggered on a negative balance. See picture below.

Good to know about auto top-up

  • There may be a delay if you exceed the minimum balance on a weekend.

  • If you top up manually, the auto top-up is interrupted temporarily.

  • These limits can always be changed.

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