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How do I make a purchase with my Mynt card?
How do I make a purchase with my Mynt card?
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Activate your card & donload the Mynt app

Before you make your first purchase you must activate your card and download the Mynt app.

Your first purchase
The first time you make a purchase in store you have to pay with chip and pin by inserting the card into the card reader and entering your code.

Find your pin code

You can easily find your code in the app under "cards" and "PIN code".

Take a photo of your recit

When you have made your purchase, you will receive a notification in the Mynt app on your phone. Click on the notification to go directly to the transaction and take a picture of your physical receipt. Should you instead receive the receipt to your email in pdf format, open the pdf file and click on "share", select the Mynt app and then which transaction the recip applies to.

Should the receipt come in a format other than pdf, you can take a screenshot of the receipt and upload it to the app for the transaction the receipt applies to.

Only one receipt page can be uploaded per transaction.

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