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In order to export a transaction, you need to have integrated your accounting system with Mynt. To read more about how to connect your accounting system with Mynt, click here.

Exporting transactions - how?

  1. Make a purchase.

  2. Select the category of the purchase and fill in VAT (mandatory for export).

  3. Upload an image of the receipt (not mandatory for export).

  4. To export a transaction, go to Accounting & Export. You can either bulk export the transactions or export them one by one - by clicking on "Export". Read more about bulk export here.

    1. You can only export a transaction once.

    2. Changes you make in Mynt after export do not affect the voucher in your accounting system.

  5. The expenses are exported to the verification series in your accounting system.

    1. We advise you to set up a new verification series in your accounting system, for example "X - Mynt" in order to be able to distinguish purchases with Mynt cards.

    2. You set up a verification series in your accounting software yourself.

  6. Voucher series - Each transaction is a voucher.

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