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Change payment method to monthly e-invoice from SEPA direct debit
Change payment method to monthly e-invoice from SEPA direct debit
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What is montly e-invoice and what benefits does it have?

With monthly e-invoice, you are able to partially pay the outstanding balance and split the payment into smaller parts. If you choose to split the bill, you will pay a monthly interest of 1,95% on the exceeding amount. The credit fee for monthly e-invoice is 5€ and the minimum payment is 10% of the credit limit. SEPA Direct Debit will remain the free option for credit repayment. We are excited about this improvement and hope to serve even more customers with this offering.

How do I change my credit payment method to monthly e-invoice?

As the monthly e-invoice has different terms than the credit with SEPA direct debit, you will need to sign a new credit agreement with us. We have tried to make the process as easy as possible and in order for you to do the change, you will need to complete the following steps.

  1. Log in to and apply for an increase of credit, in the menu press on “account”, then “credit” and press “Pyydä korotusta”.

2. Enter the same amount that you have today on your credit and write “changing to e-invoice” in the purpose box

3.The credit team will make a new decision based on your application and send out a new credit agreement to you.

4.Once the credit agreement has been signed, you have now successfully moved to credit repayment via monthly e-invoice.

5.We will close the SEPA direct mandate on our side. Note that if you have opened SEPA Direct Debit in your bank and do not wish to continue using it, you will need to close it yourself.

Please note that this payment method is only available for Finnish customers.

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