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Here is a small list that you should keep in mind when setting up the integration with Visma Net:

  1. You need to be a premium customer - Make sure you are upgraded to our premium package to get access to connect Visma Net.

  2. The user who makes the connection must have an admin authorisation in Visma.

  3. The voucher is created according to the standard series set in General Ledger Preferences in Visma (ScreenID GL102000).

  4. All Mynt vouchers have a description that starts with "Mynt".

After the integration is completed, you go to "accounting settings" and enter the accounts that are used to report the actual use of Mynt.

We create categories based on a standard chart of accounts. Please review these and correct as necessary.

If you still have questions or concerns, you can always contact us via chat, e-mail ( and tel + 46(0)10-198 0300.

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