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Hur man på bästa sätt kopplar mynt mot BC

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Before connecting the systems

To connect Mynt to Microsoft Business Central, the user needs to have administrative permissions in Azure, Microsoft's cloud service, as well as access to create and post journals in Business Central (BC).

How the export works

works When the user exports expenses from Mynt to BC, they will automatically land in a dedicated journal named MYNT. This journal functions similarly to other journals in BC and provides the user with a structured platform to manage their expenses.


For these expenses to be posted in BC, the user needs to actively click on "post" in the specific MYNT journal. This step ensures that the expenses are correctly posted in BC and that the user maintains control over the posting process.

Through this integrated solution between Mynt and Microsoft Business Central, users gain a seamless and efficient method for managing their expenses. The integration between Mynt and BC streamlines and optimizes the entire process from expense management to accounting.

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