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Do you have problems exporting transactions into the company's accounting system?

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Do you experiencing transactions not exporting?

  • Klick on an individual transaction that you want to export. DO NOT tick the box, click directly on the transaction description.

  • A separate information box pop up on the right. Press the blue "Export" button in this box.

  • An error message will appear directly from your accounting system giving the reason why the transaction cannot be exported. After you have fixed the error, you can try exporting again.

    Is the export button missing?
    If the transaction is not submitted by the person who made the purchase, the transaction cannot be exported. The person who made the transaction or Admin then needs to submit the transaction so that it can be exported.

    Is the transaction reserved?

    The transaction can also be reserved and not yet settled, in which case it is also not possible to export the transaction. Wait until the yellow clock-symbol has disappeared and the transaktion is settled to export.

    Was the integration between your accounting software and your Mynt account performed by admin?

    The integration between Mynt and your accounting system needs to be done by your Admin in Mynt and admin in your accounting system.

If you still need help, please contact our customer service team and they will help you further. https://www.mynt.com/contact

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