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What does the yellow clock mean?
What does the yellow clock mean?

Pending transactions

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What does the yellow clock mean?

The yellow bell that appears on a transaction means that the transaction is pending and has not been settled yet by the bank/place of purchase.

How long does it take to settle a transaction?

This depends on the place of purchase. Pending transactions are usually settled within a few days. The pending amount is to be auto released after max 15 days.

- However, purchases made overseas (hotels/rental cars) can be held for up to 30 days.

Can I stop a pending transaction?

No, it is not possible to do that from Mynt. Contact the place of purchase to see if they can cancel the transaction.

If there is a suspicion of fraud/card has been lost, immediately block the card and contact us by chat or call us on 010 -198 0300.

What happens with pending transactions?

Purchases that are pending do not guarantee that the money will be withdrawn from the account. The money is reserved by the bank to ensure that there is enough in the account to complete the payment.

A pending amount that is declined is removed after a couple of banking days and the money appears again in the account. It is also not possible to export a

Why is the pending transaction higher than actual spend? (Gas stations)

Visa and Mastercard's regulations for the industry mean that when buying fuel at the pump, a reservation must be made before refuelling begins. The pending amount is a regulatory requirement from Visa and Mastercard that applies to all fuel companies in Sweden. When you pay at the cash register inside the store, the reservation is made on the actual amount.

This means that the card-issuing bank makes a reservation of SEK 2,500 when you pay by card at the pump at a fuel station. If you have less than SEK 2,500 in the account, the card-issuing bank can choose to reserve the amount you have available on the card instead.

The reservation amount is replaced with the actual refuelling amount within a few banking days.

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