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Contactless payment with the Mynt card
Contactless payment with the Mynt card
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What does contactless payment mean?

Contactless payment means that you can make purchases without having to insert the Chip into the card terminal. You do this by placing (blipp) the card against the payment terminal. You can see which payment terminals allow the function by this contactless symbol on the card reader.

When making a purchase above the amount of 400 SEK you are forced to enter your PIN. If making a purchase that is under 400 SEK you can “blipp” the card without having to enter PIN or insert Chip.

How often can I pay with contactless payment?

For security reasons, there is a limit on how many times you can do this in a row. You may therefore receive the message "Not allowed" or alternatively be asked to insert the card in order to complete the purchase with chip and pin code instead. After that, the option to pay with blip opens up again.

Why does contactless not work for my card?

1. First purchase needs to be made via Chip and PIN to fully activate the card.

2. Not all payment terminals accept contactless - look for the wireless symbol on the terminal.

The contactless payment is also limited due to other security reasons:

  • After a number of contactless payments (about 5) the card will demand Chip and PIN.

  • Is the amount too high for what is allowed for contactless (400 SEK)?

  • Is there enough money on the Mynt account?

  • Has the cardholder reached their monthly spend limit?

Remember that your first purchase with a new card will always have to be made with chip and PIN!

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