Purchase limit vs Available spend

What is the difference between the monthly purchase limit and what is written as "available to spend"?

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Questions and confusion sometimes arise about what "buying limit" and "available" mean and what differentiates them.

Below we have a card with a monthly purchase limit of SEK 10,000. This means that we can spend a maximum of SEK 10,000 on this card on a monthly basis, regardless of what is available on the account. An administrator can regulate the purchase limit if desired.

In this view we can also see that what is available is exactly SEK 10,000.

As an administrator, you can also go under 'Account' and get the information in the image below. Here we see that available amount on the account (which is linked to all your cards) is SEK 5,971,05. If you wish to change this amount, you can top up with money or apply for credit/increase in credit.

So - the monthly purchase limit on the card only determines how much you can spend on that particular card on a monthly basis. What is available to spend applies to all cards you have at the company and does not have to match the purchase limit.

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