Failed auto-top up

Why did my auto-top up fail?

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The auto-top up takes about 3 banking days to reach your Mynt account. If during this time you choose to manually top up money, the system will cancel the auto-top up and instead focus on the manual payment.

The most common reason for a failed auto-top up:

The most common reason why the automatic top-up isn't triggered, is that the balance on the account never exceeds the specified minimum balance in your auto-top up settings.
For example, if you have 30,000 SEK on the account but choose to set an auto top-up that says when the account falls below 50,000 SEK, top up with 50,000 sek. Then the auto-top up will not be triggered until you first have 50,000 SEK on the account to fall below.

It's also important to remember that you set your auto-top up so it fills the account with as much, or more money than the specified minimum. This is in order to reach the minimum balance again. Otherwise the auto top up will stop working. See example below:

Auto-top up and credit

In order for the automatic top-up to be triggered, your individual rule for auto- top up must be correctly filled in. If you have a granted credit card, you need to take that into consideration when you set up your rules. You do this by entering a negative "When balance falls below" balance. See the picture above.

Auto top-up and monthly closing
If you fall below your top-up limit at the end of the month, the system will ignore this and focus on the credit top-up.The credit is topped up on the second day of the month. A few days before and after this top-up, the system will not take into consideration any manually entered top-ups.

Other common errors:

  1. Auto-top up has already been triggered.

  2. There's already an open invoice that hasn't yet been settled.

One thing to keep in mind is that we’re triggering on actual account balance (not taking into account non-settled transactions). This causes an additional “delay”. For example if the purchase that seem to traverse the threshold takes 2 days to settle, then the auto-top up will trigger 2 days after what the customer might expect.

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