Why is my card denied?
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Is your purchase denied when you try to pay in store with your Mint card?

Then it could be due to a few different things.

1. You have no money in your account or no active credit.

Only an admin can see the balance on the company's Mynt account. If you only have card user-access, you can only see your own card's purchase limit and how much you have spent of that purchase limit.

Solution: Allocate more money to the card from the company account. If you need to top up, it is important to note that it takes 1-3 banking days for the money to arrive in your Coin account.

2. you have reached your monthly spending limit on your card.

If you have spent your monthly purchase limit, you cannot make any more purchases on the card that month. Your spending limit is automatically reset on the 1st of each month.

Solution: Your admin can increase the spending limit or remove the limit it completely.

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