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How do I change the login method?
How do I change the login method?
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Do you wish to switch the login method from Bank-ID to email and password, or from email and password to Bank-ID? Please contact our customer service and they will assist you regarding this.

You contact our customer service by klickning the chat box down in the right corner, or by email via You are also always welcome to call in on: 010 198 0300 .

Below you will find information regarding how the various login method works:

You can choose between using Bank-ID login or password+email login.

Bank-id login

This is a so-called "secure login method". Via this login, you can do everything in the platform both in the app and on the website.

Password+email login

With password+email login you can't see sensitive information such as card numbers and switching between company accounts when using the website. In the app you can see the PIN codes and card numbers by clicking "my cards" and "Show card number" then "log in securely" - the. a code will be sent to your phone number that you then enter in the app.

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